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USB Time Clock

USB TimeClock is Android Appication working with USB contactless smart card reader.

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Low Cost and High Performance

Low-Cost Tablets change to High Performance Time Clock, You just need to install application "USB TimeClock" from Google Play

Let's start "USB TimeClock" without payment.

Smart Card Punch

You don't need paper time card any more.

Various Mifare or Felica card is used identify individuals instead of regacy paper time card.

*)application use only manufacturer number.

Excel and CSV

Easy to use excel data, weekly and monthly data is separated to individual employee worksheet.

Time records are send to you via email at your scheduled date and period.

*)You can set password to Excel or CSV zip file.

Auto Adjust Precise Time

Automatic time adjust via internet ntp server.

Usually, only high performance products has this features.

Prevent Duplicate Punch

Notification dialog will appear when duplicated punch time.

Punch Time Everywhere

Punch time every place carrying this application, even at construction site, exhibitions, conferences and social events.

Bring your own card

Apps identify individuals by the smart card, such as public transit ticket or student id card.

Employees to bring personally owned smart card, It's like BYOD .
This is very cost effective solution.

emall to you

You will have whole time records of last week on Monday morning via email.

Of course All of data files are zipped with password.

You can set up schedule to Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Precise Time

If android clock can not keep precise time, this application adjust time from Internet NTP Servers.

Column Name

Fit to your organization management rule.

in/out, lunch-in/out, Regular-in/out, OverTime-in/out, Start/Finish, Start/End...

Illegal State Dialog

If employee punch duplicate, or employee punch 'check-out' without 'check-in', Notification dialog will appear on screen.

Also, automatic punch column change are supported.

Display the records

Apps keeps all of time record to internal encrypted database.

You can easy to check the record of specific date.


Apps configration data is protected by password operation, or adminstrators smart card.

Possible to execute as Android home application.

*)modification of records are not permitted by this application.

Organiztion Date-Line

This is good for bars which are open till late at night.

You can set up Date-Line, Day from 3:00 to 26:59 if you set to start at 3:00.

In/out records are printed on same line (day).

Contactless USB smart card reader.

Support external USB contactless smart card reader which is designed for personal computer.
This is most Salient Features of this application.

USB readers are faster than internal reader, Quick response of smart card recognition.

You can arrange card reader position which is located easy to punch.

*) application also support internal nfc reader.

Validated Contactless Smart Card Reader

Manufacturer Product ID
SCM Microsystems inc. SCL010(support only android 6.0 and lower)
Advanced Card Systems Ltd. ACR122(support only android 6.0 and lower)
Sony Corporation RC-S380
*)The names of other companies and products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.